Monday, March 19, 2012


2 weekends ago I hit a milestone. I ran 10 miles! I did suffer a bit for it, but it was something I wanted to do—whatever exhaustion or pain I felt afterward was totally worth it. This weekend I pulled back on purpose. I ran for 6.5 miles. I wanted to only run 5 miles, but the young folk around me annoyed me enough to go a little further.

First up was a 6 year oldish kid. He saw me running and thought he'd run too. Breaking away from his mommy, the little tyke passed me. (Even I was a bit surprised!) His victory didn't last long. I passed him up after a few more seconds and he was back to walking. Poor kid. I ran on.

Next up was some young guy running behind me. From what I could peice together, he was possibly from the group of teens hanging out at the park that I passed at least 3 times during my laps. The dude never caught up to me and gave up after about (maybe!) a minute. Dude.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that people were out enjoying themselves at the park, but when I feel hate, rejection or jealousy from young people when they see me running I don't think it's cool. If anything, maybe it illustrates why I'm running. I'm running to prove I can do it and at 41 I refuse to sit around and let life pass me by. Not only can I keep up, but I can take on anyone who challenges me.

Walking back after my run there was a young female runner behind me coming down the same narrow sidewalk I was on. I stepped off to the side when she passed by. "Thank you," she joyfully said after passing. "M-hm, sure," I answered. Runners get my respect. It's a tough activity to take up. We shouldn't critize them, no matter what. They're doing something positive in their lives. Let them run free without trying to break their spirit. Give them some room and get out of my way!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I ended up sleeping almost 10 hours last night. I cannot tell you how much I needed that slumber. I was exhausted. I had a headache when I came home from work, my body was aching from all the dancing I did on Saturday night (3 hours!) plus all the pushups I've been doing hasn't been giving my body the break it needs. On top of all that, I'm still affected and recovering from the 9 mile run I did 2 weekends ago.

I thought about running this past weekend, but that's all it was; a thought. I decided against it. I did spend a solid hour stretching (yoga!), which felt so, so good.

Sometimes we need a good break. I took it last night. But of course when I woke up this morning I turned on the radio and continued doing my pushups while getting ready for work.

Right now, I can handle those pushups. I've learned from the past that if you start feeling massive pain while working out, the best thing to do is stop before it gets any worse. I totally didn't follow my advice during my run and I'm paying the price for being a competitive jerk. So right now I'm on the sideline, waiting until I feel up to it again. Just don't count me out of the race!

Sunday Afternoon

Friday, March 2, 2012

My A Game

I guess this is the third day that I've been doing 10 pushups for every song I hear. This started out as a sort of bet with myself on Wednesday to see if I could do it for at least the day. But guess what? I'm going to keep on doing it! Sure, life is tough, demanding and busy, but it's also my duty to take care of myself more than anyone else can. I feel good about this and (knowing me!) I'll stick with what I've started.

Monday, February 20, 2012


I feel better physically than I did yesterday. I pushed myself on Saturday. I ran over 8 miles. It was tough! By the time I came home, the bottom front parts of my feet were killing me. I only felt better after I took a bath (not a shower!) that night.

The previous weekend I ran over 7 miles. That was a nightmare because I went out when it was snowing. I couldn't run fast because there was snow and ice on every road and sidewalk. I saw only one other runner out then. I somehow kept my balance. It was not the smartest decision to run in those conditions, but I did it anyway. I kept thinking, "My parents would never let me do this if I was living with them." That made me smile.

Because it was so nice out this weekend compared to the last, I enjoyed running, a lot! All except for a bad choice I made. I was dressed for the weather but I didn't wear any underwear under my shorts. Luckily it wasn't below freezing (around 40°F). I just manned up and got through it.

My pace was a lot quicker than last time (obviously!) but it was also quicker than anytime before. I kept running faster by getting a wider stance.

I saw a few other runners on Saturday. I keep wondering what's their story. Why are they running? Are they athletes? Are they training? I smile at other runners if we're passing in opposite directions. Sometimes I'll get a smile back. I think other runners inspire me to run that much longer and faster. I've never been as athletic as I am now in my life. Maybe this is how it should be.

Monday, January 30, 2012


I passed by three young teenaged boys waiting for their bus at a stop when I was out running this weekend and they immediately tried to break me down. I couldn't hear all they had to say because I had my earphones on playing some sort of cheesy 80s dance tune. I only heard bits and pieces of their criticism. One of them sarcastically said something about what I was wearing. He started jogging in place, mocking me. You can almost feel hate spewing out of some young kids at that age.

I don't wear running gear that most people do. I can't bring myself to wear those black tights. I don't care how hot a guy is, but get him into those black tights, a lightweight, highly visible jacket and bright gloves; it's not sexy, even when he's running. I wear fleece jogging pants with a drawstring, a hooded sweatshirt and retro-looking running shoes. In some ways, I want to live my adult life now as if it were the 70s (when I was only a kid).

So, there's me running in navy sweatpants and a maroon hooded sweatshirt with a zipper: nothing underneath it but my sweaty, fuzzy chest.

When kids make fun of me, I'm emotionally transported to back when I was a skinny, little kid wishing he could be strong enough to fight back. The only thing I had to keep me alive then physically were my feet: emotionally, I had my spirt and optimism for the goodness in people. I didn't want to hurt people making fun of me as a kid. I just wish they wouldn't direct their hate so much against me, someone they don't know.

There I am running past these loud boys but now I'm older and much stronger. I sometimes shut off my music when a group of people are near me just to see what they are saying about me, if anything. Luckily, I sped by these teens fast. I didn't hear that much. I felt a little angry but nothing to ruin my run. At that point I'm thinking, "Do these kids know I'm 41? Do they know I had just run 5 miles at that point and had way more than a mile to go? Could they keep up with me? Could they run as far as I have when they are 41? Should I bother to stop my running and have a little talk with them?"

I had enough strength at that point to take them all out, but I didn't. I just kept running and smiled their way. Once again, I have my feet to keep me alive and that's one thing I feel really thankful for in life. Just one of many things.

For the record, I made it home and ran 6.38 miles in just a little over an hour. Woo hoo!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

2 Nights, 2 Chances

Off! by Alec Sarkas
Off!, a photo by Alec Sarkas on Flickr.

Yesterday, guy A seems interested, so I call him after work. He's waiting for his roommate to come home so he can go out and eat dinner. Then he says he'll call me so we (me and guy A) can meet for the first time and get dessert. He had me waiting at least 3 hours. He never called. Eventually, he sent a text saying he just got home from dinner. It's after 10 PM. I text him back that I'm going to bed.

Today, guy B seems interested (again). He wants to meet for coffee, sometime tonight. I tell him to give me a time when to meet up. While I'm waiting for him, guy A sends me a ":)" text. He asks me out to dessert. I tell him I have plans. In the meantime, guy B texted me, flirting, but with no time to meet up. I fall asleep waiting for guy B to make up his mind (again, this would be my first time meeting guy B) but all I've gotten out of him is "hehe".

So, where does this get anybody? Absolutely nowhere.